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How many of you take it for granted that women are silly vain creatures who spend all their time on make-up, gossiping and back biting? They are also the ones who love cats – silly vain selfish creatures just like themselves. Right? And if you ever come across a woman who’s kind, gentle and intelligent […]

Ok – I have a lot of pending work to do but I will take time off from that to address an issue that has been troubling me ever since I saw this daily mirror article. What exactly is the Royal Asiatic Society’s problem anyway? Hindu Fundamentalists? I don’t see any Hindu Fundamentalists around here. […]

Dear Tulie…


This is a letter from your future self in 2009. Don’t be sceptical, it really is possible. At the moment you are probably snorting your way through a Jughead Time Police comic and wondering what your favourite comic book series has come down to but it really is possible. Well, we haven’t perfected time travel […]

The only time I ever blog is when I’ve something else to do – and don’t want to do it. Hmmm, I wonder why I don’t blog more often then? Anyway, I am in the college computer lab with a three hour deadline for some assignment so here I am – putting my time to […]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Kottuville… *Deep Bow* I am sure most of you don’t know who I am; The few of you who did know me would have forgotten my existence by now I am sure. I was never a consistent blogger and now it’s been three months at least since I last blogged. […]

Don’t look at me folks – that’s not really my title, it was just the tiltle of a debate in an English Day program I found myself at recently. I was rather startled when the topic of the debate was announced but that was before it started. After that, I was just plain flabbergasted. The […]

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Uh oh! I have to describe five words on how I feel about the end of the war! Considering that I spent most of the weeks preceding the war’s end imitating an ostrich with its head firmly shoved into the sand, I really don’t know what I am supposed to feel. Of course I am […]