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The only time I ever blog is when I’ve something else to do – and don’t want to do it. Hmmm, I wonder why I don’t blog more often then? Anyway, I am in the college computer lab with a three hour deadline for some assignment so here I am – putting my time to […]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Kottuville… *Deep Bow* I am sure most of you don’t know who I am; The few of you who did know me would have forgotten my existence by now I am sure. I was never a consistent blogger and now it’s been three months at least since I last blogged. […]

Tell me about it, not that I have got a lot of wealth to impart in trying to buy health but… Sigh, Today is the closest I’ve felt to ‘normal’ in more than three weeks. Got a whopping case of Gastritis 😦 I have always been an unhealthy little brat (and it sucks, coming from […]

Tweet, Tweet!


Utterly jobless and bored with it. Well not jobless literally, just that my line of work involves doing nothing most of the time and while my own mind is a fascinating companion, there’s only so much I can take of it. That’s why I am writing this post – to prevent me from thinking too […]

Out of the millions of people all over the globe who have jobs they don’t particularly like and even those who are frantic for such a job because they are unemployed, I know I am one of the lucky few who does have a job that I really love. You would think that would be […]

Grooan, Why Me?


God, every bone and muscle in my body aches. Can Bones ache? I don’t know but it surely feels like it. I spent the last two days cleaning and dusting in order to move into a new house and it still isn’t over yet. I just can’t believe that one person can accumulate this much […]

I still feel unrefreshed after an hour’s cat nap on the sofa. I came into class all bright eyed and bushytailed this morning (well, atleast alert and awake anyway) but the lecture was just DEAD boring. Now I understand why they prefix a dead to it. Just a couple of hours was enough to give […]