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It’s a fact of life (my life I mean), that I’ve often noticed. Just after a hell of a roller coaster ride when I am just beginning to feel somewhat comfortable or (heaven forbid) even remotely happy, something comes along to royally mess it up. A former roommate of mine once enunciated what was wrong […]

Early on in my teens I made a promise to myself:- I would not have any regrets on my deathbed. Yeah I know – I was a stupid teenager, but I was also a very idealistic teenager. Extensive reading as well as coming into contact with older people who had many regrets about their misspent […]

Yeah, a really original topic, I know! So sue me, I have always been fascinated by all that’s old – I am a history buff. But more to the point, I have always believed in the superiority of ancient sciences such as indigenous medicine and yoga to modern Allopathic medicine and aerobics. Yes, yes I […]

Grooan, Why Me?


God, every bone and muscle in my body aches. Can Bones ache? I don’t know but it surely feels like it. I spent the last two days cleaning and dusting in order to move into a new house and it still isn’t over yet. I just can’t believe that one person can accumulate this much […]

Up. Down, Up, Down, Up, Down………..  No, That’s not a 3 year old going up and down on a see saw. That’s 27 year old me watching my emotional self go up and down. Just Yesterday, after visiting a special needs childrens’ school, where I saw chilren blessed with so little as compared to the […]

Well Ok, So I am not actually Hungry and Cold And Wet but  I Am Tired – exhausted in fact and that’s enough to send me on a self  pitying streak. I really do feel hard done by and oppressed – Sniff! I probably have enough content to write 20 blogs  on all the things […]

I still feel unrefreshed after an hour’s cat nap on the sofa. I came into class all bright eyed and bushytailed this morning (well, atleast alert and awake anyway) but the lecture was just DEAD boring. Now I understand why they prefix a dead to it. Just a couple of hours was enough to give […]