Tales of a Professional Procrastinator


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Kottuville… *Deep Bow*

I am sure most of you don’t know who I am; The few of you who did know me would have forgotten my existence by now I am sure.

I was never a consistent blogger and now it’s been three months at least since I last blogged. I assure you I wouldn’t thrust my presence upon you now if it weren’t for a very valid reason. You See, I have a lot of work to do and very little time to do it with.

So I am staying up tonight because all my fellow students in the hostel are working very, very hard and are callous enough not to hide their efforts from me. They have absolutely no sense of the finer points of sensitivity.

Instead of thoughtfully hiding their industrousness from me so that I wouln’t feel inadequate or lazy, they are slaving away like ants and what’s more, to add insult to injury, are constantly giving me ‘ant-to-the-grasshopper’ type lectures.

So in a huff, I took out my laptop, spread all my notes around me and set purposefully to ‘work’.

I am sure all you students out there would sympathise with me when I say I got hungry soon after – like about two minutes after.

There’s nothing like some serious studying to get your digestive juices flowing. So, I got up and polished off a packet of pineapple cake I had. My hunger still wan’t satisfied though so my eyes swiveled round the room, hoping to light on some other snack I might have bought and forgotten about; Nothing but one raw egg…drat!

So I boiled the egg… Then I figured it wasn’t good enough as a snack, I needed to garnish it. Walked across to the canteen to get some chillies and an onion and then took the trouble to make an egg salad.

*Yummmm!* Delicious

Finally satisfied that I had done all I could to satisfy my hunger, I conscientiously took up my laptop again.

Eureka, the Wi-Fi was working. I hadn’t checked my mail in ages, it had been all of six hours already, I just HAD to check my mail.

Well, no new mail in my hotmail, gmail or yahoo accounts (Sigh!) but I did catch the Puppeteer with her habitual ‘Busy’ sign online.

Well of course I just HAD to chat with her, we hadn’t had a good chat for over 24 hours.

So, after spending about 1/2 an hour with her, I began to feel guilty again and signed off. Closed all my mail accounts and got down to serious business.

But then I started thinking… it’s been ages since I visited my favourite site, youtube; Ages since I watched my beloved Simon Cowell – I could watch video clips of that man again and again… and again 😀

So, I opened youtube, only the download speed is rather slow, I have got several tabs open downlaoding youtube videos right now.

In the meantime, so as not to waste time, I am blogging. I am nothing if not conscientous – I never waste time 😛


2 Responses to “Tales of a Professional Procrastinator”

  1. 1 Chavie

    oh dear, TULIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!! 😯

    in other news, glad to have you back! 🙂 would’ve bugged you for a post, but I figured you would be swamped with work and all… aaaand nice theme! 😉

  2. New theme and all eh? This one’s all classy 🙂 No doubt you’ve been procrastinating though!
    Oi! Don’t give away my MSN ‘busy’ status cover! 😛

    You may procrastinate, but work gets done eventually I’m sure. 🙂
    Man… I was writing a post referring myself as Astolphe’s grasshopper… 😐

    Hope the editing got done!

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