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Don’t look at me folks – that’s not really my title, it was just the tiltle of a debate in an English Day program I found myself at recently. I was rather startled when the topic of the debate was announced but that was before it started. After that, I was just plain flabbergasted. The […]

Tell me about it, not that I have got a lot of wealth to impart in trying to buy health but… Sigh, Today is the closest I’ve felt to ‘normal’ in more than three weeks. Got a whopping case of Gastritis 😦 I have always been an unhealthy little brat (and it sucks, coming from […]

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Uh oh! I have to describe five words on how I feel about the end of the war! Considering that I spent most of the weeks preceding the war’s end imitating an ostrich with its head firmly shoved into the sand, I really don’t know what I am supposed to feel. Of course I am […]