Tweet, Tweet!


Utterly jobless and bored with it. Well not jobless literally, just that my line of work involves doing nothing most of the time and while my own mind is a fascinating companion, there’s only so much I can take of it.

That’s why I am writing this post – to prevent me from thinking too much. Got one of the computers unblocked yesterday by complaining that I couldn’t do any proper research for my work with so many sites blocked.

Unfortunately, they unblocked Papare Boy’s computer. The ingrate, he’s been grumbling about how slow his computer has become ever since. Anyway, I snitched his computer when he went off somewhere and now he’s continously hovering behind my chair asking when he can have it back. Well, not anytime soon!

Anyway, pointless as this blog is, let’s try to give some meaning to it – I believe I had a vague idea of blogging about twitter.

Right, Twitter – the new rage sweeping the globe, answering that all important question to all those who want to know – What are you doing?

Duh! Obviously I am doing nothing or rather, nothing constructive if I am on twitter 24/7.

Here is where we get to know all about the fascinating details of others’ lives – Like did you know that Jerry bused it to work this morning? Dude, if you gave us some updates about the laiiideee, we might be interested but not if you are going to inundate us with whether you bused it or hitch hiked it to work today. (Unless you hitch hiked with a serial killer and are now writing from beyond the grave – how come we never hear of incidents like that in Sri Lanka?)

The Messiah of Madness is already addicted to twitter. Worse, she’s got me to join the band wagon. So today, PB came along and decided he had to join too. But he took exception to being teased about joining the band wagon, apparently he is doing it only to see what all the others in kottu are up to. He is NOT doing it because everyone else is doing it. Right! Just so long as we have got that sorted out.

Chee, he’s still on my case to get off the computer. I am trying to shame him into acting like a ‘gentleman’ and not harass a ‘lady’ but he’s not that stupid (pretty stupid but not that stupid)!

Oh well, signing off now. See you on twitter if your are there. Cheerio!


4 Responses to “Tweet, Tweet!”

  1. I’ll have you know that I’m not addicted to Twitter!
    It’s that FB, WordPress and are blocked on the office computers… Twitter is my only connection with the world outside!

    By the by, I don’t recall playing any part in asking you to join Twitter. Ha! You wanted to join so that you could stalk a certain blogger!

  2. 2 Tulie

    Messiah Girl, That;s what all addicts who are in denial of their addiction always say.

    As for your part in getting me to join Twitter – Yeah, it’s all because of YOU, I wanted to see what the fascination was!

    And which blogger would that be?

  3. 3 Chavie

    tulie, you are tagged! hoping that maybe, just maybe, it’ll make you start blogging again? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. 4 Tulie

    Heh, heh! Hi Chavie,

    Ok, I’ll try. Feeling too lazy to blog over the past few weeks and I know for a fact that Padashow has an malevolent eye on me right now. 😦

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