Slumdog Millionaire


Spoiler warning : Those of you who haven’t watched the movie and don’t want to know beforehand, don’t read this post.

I burned the midnight oil yesterday, watching slumdog millionaire. Considering all the hype surrounding the movie, I was absolutely thrilled when a friend handed me the dvd.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t too thrilled while watching the movie. Ok, I am not an avid movie watcher and I didn’t know what sort of movies would make it to the oscars but euwww!

Did they have to depict that kid jumping into a cesspit? And in the interests of realism, how come he was covered with sludge but the pic ture he was holding wasn’t?

And what exactly was that depiction of Rama that the kids saw while running during the riots? Was it supposed to be a figment of their imagination or a truly divine appearance?

And they certainly could have done better with Rama’s make up! It was obviously a child ill dressed up to look like him.

What spoiled the movie for me though was the burning of that kid’s eyes. I still feel sick!

Machan depicted slum life too but somehow it was not this disturbing. I think machan was a much better movie than slumdog millionaire, so there!

That said, I do have to admit that all those disturbing scenes are rooted in reality. I have visited India several times and have always been disturbed by the absolute poverty that can be seen. Begging is apparently a very lucrative practise and children areĀ  actually kidnapped so that they can be blinded or lamed and used for begging.

The depths of depravity, some dregs of humanity can sink to is almost unbelievable but unfortunately it’s true.

Anil Kapoor certainly played the host very well but perhaps he overdid the insults a bit. Reminded me of Simon Cowell except that Cowell is so charming that he gets away with most of the insults.

But in all these reality shows, I have always hated the aspect of the host stretching the audience’s and especially the contestant’s nerves by not giving the results immediately.

They play cat and mouse games and its not funny, in fact its a highly defined form of cruelty. Anil kapoor played that aspect very well too.

I really hate it when they do that, especially when the contestants have in fact lost. That’s the one thing I really dislike about Simon Cowell. There should be rules against this, no one should be allowed to play around with another’s emotions and mess with them, especially on television.

Yikes, started out about a film and ended up ranting about reality shows!


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  1. 1 cinderalka

    I loved the film, but found I had a bit of an identity crisis because of it!

    Here’s my take:

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