Water, Water everywhere but not a drop for our Best Friends to drink


I have got a question for all animal lovers out there,  Have any of you got a solution as to how we can provide water to stray animals?

Keeping water out in containers does not help, people are paranoid about dengue these days and keep taking it away. Is it illegal? My mother is always telling me that I am going to get arrested one day.

People regularly keep out food for them so they are not starved but I am really concerned about the water.

My mother keeps a big bowl of water on our balcony for the birds to bathe and drink and cats manage to find their way to it too but dogs can’t. I saw one poor animal straining to lick the puddle in a tiny crack in the concrete but its tongue was too big.

I saw another dog licking absolutely yucky drain water. They are all obviously parched. Surely, there must be some workable solution for this?


3 Responses to “Water, Water everywhere but not a drop for our Best Friends to drink”

  1. Maybe you could leave a fresh container of water out every morning but make sure to throw the water away in the evening? Or just leave it out there for a few hours a day? The dogs will probably get accustomed to the timings.

  2. 2 laarchi

    Of course I would do that – Only the water seems to dissappear witin minutes of being kept out – along with the container.

  3. below is a website with a waterer which you can bolt to a wall so the cute little critters don’t run of with it . the rest is in the blurb i copied and pasted .
    i think it’s a good idea for pet owners as well.
    you are a kind person to be thinking of all the raindogs
    kind regards from the Bandit 🙂
    The 2.5 gallon multi purpose waterer is tough enough for all types of animals. Made from heavy duty, high-density polypropylene. Connects to standard garden hose and the float valve will provide consistent fresh water. Can be mounted on fence or wall. Easy to clean, just twist the large drain plug and discharge old waste water. It’s rust proof, durable, cleans quickly, and is sun resistant. Ideal for medium to large dogs, sheep, goats, and horses. 14.9″ x 13″ across by 6.1″ deep.

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