Unwanted Comments


I am used to getting a lot of unwanted comments while walking down the road, almost always from the lesser half of our species, the neanderthal Male.

About 1% of the unwanted comments I receive are from catty women I do know and the other 99% are from stupid men I don’t know.

One comment I get very often is, ‘Hey Girl, Do you realize you are smiling by yourself?’

Well, If I didn’t, they’d just pointed it out, NOT that it’s any of their business.

I get about 50 of those comments on a typical half hour’s walk.

I admit that I happen to be a dreamy type who walks with my head in the clouds most of the time. Sometimes, If I think of something funny, I do smile and have even been known to laugh out loud. I have been dubbed crazy for this by most of my unimaginative acquaintances (I consider very few people my friends).

That however is not the point. I notice that even when I am perfectly alert and going about my own business, I am getting the same comment. Just yesterday, One jerk passed me by with that comment and thinking that I had perhaps unconsciously been smiling, I immediately pulled in my cheek bones until they felt quite stiff.

A fat lot of help that was. I received 5 more comments in quick succession –

Hey there, stop smiling by yourself,

Girl, Why are you smiling?

This girl is crazy, she always smiles to herself…..etc, etc.

Few things annoy me, but by this time I should think my face looked like a thunder cloud but I still got a couple more comments on my ‘smiling’ before reaching home.

I wonder if its some kind of conspiracy to drive me crazy?

Yesterday, I definitely wasn’t smiling but I do admit to have a smiling face most of the time. I am usually if not happy, atleast peaceful with my world most of the time and since I enjoy walking, i guess my face relaxes into a smile unconsciously.

I am absolutely baffled as to why this offends most people. I am crazy just because I am content and so smile? What is wrong with smiling?

Most of the comments I get are designed to gather attention or just plain sneers, but a small percentage of them are actually angry snarls as if I am doing something offensive in a public place.

What is it to a stranger, whether I have a smiling face or not? I ignore it most of the time but I sometimes get quite hurt by it. I am completely unable to understand the reasoning behind it.

Even some well meaning people have told me not to go about with a smiling face, that ‘people’ will think me crazy. When I ask Why, they look at me as if I AM crazy, something they consider confirmed with that question, where they had only doubts before.

What seems obvious to most people leaves me clueless.

Why can’t our faces reflect our inner feelings if we happen to be feeling happy or content?

Why can’t we smile or laugh if our minds suddenly come up with a funny memory? 

What exactly is crazy about smiling if you are alone?

I simply don’t get it.


2 Responses to “Unwanted Comments”

  1. “I guess my face relaxes into a smile unconsciously.”

    Actually, 75 muscle contract to make you smile…

    As for the comments, I don’t get it either… Why should they care… You smiling is not affecting them in anyway…and isn’t it nice to smile?
    You should tell them to just sod off!

  2. Hehe. It happens to me too! =).
    Smiling at yourself nothing wrong with that! Its a lot more better aching those bones in you frowning! =D.

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