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I still feel unrefreshed after an hour’s cat nap on the sofa. I came into class all bright eyed and bushytailed this morning (well, atleast alert and awake anyway) but the lecture was just DEAD boring. Now I understand why they prefix a dead to it. Just a couple of hours was enough to give […]

I am used to getting a lot of unwanted comments while walking down the road, almost always from the lesser half of our species, the neanderthal Male. About 1% of the unwanted comments I receive are from catty women I do know and the other 99% are from stupid men I don’t know. One comment I get […]

Are you one of those people who dislike travelling by Public Transport, especially at Rush Hour? I detest Public Transport, I could go on and on and on about all its faults but I will limit myself to just one for this post as that’s the most burning issue on my mind at the moment.  […]